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The Approach

Sense of Approach

Paolo Mazzanti's conceptual approach to solving photographic design problems has positioned him at the forefront in the field of contemporary photography. Mazzanti's favourite ideas are well reflected in his work; clear structure-image concept and an understanding of communication.

In 2002, at an international photographic conference, Mazzanti said: "If you look at nature you realize that every part of it, every change of colour, every shift in form colour, every structure is absolutely essential for any aesthetic interpretation and visual representation success". He has constantly pushed against the formalist ideas of modernism; he has incorporated narrative, historical references simultaneously with the technological achievements of the moment in his quest for ground-breaking photographs.

In 2003, he decided to break the mould establishing new and more artistic work with his conceptualized environmental images. Over the past 30 years as photographer, he has created some of the profession's most influential and enduring work. The list of his photo work accomplishments includes everything from photo reportage to photo design, album covers, image product packaging, posters, textiles, photo interiors and calendars.

Mazzanti has explored Mazzanti has explored the conceptual development of nature in his work from preliminary studies to finished photos revealing in the process how he has achieved his photo-images. The design process pays care and attention to theevolution of his images , as well as the ways in which he uses specific conceptual elements that informs his artistic conclusions.

Mazzanti's choice of photo images begin as a need for a more personal and meaningful challenge to the static commercial photo assignment and an urgency for a total independence from the previously successful formulas. He has allowed information to arise in a spontaneous way, which is then altered by his own creative process.

In Italy, Mazzanti has been called ' the interpreter of modern photographic renaissance' for his ability to constantly reinvent himself in a variety of styles yet keeping his photo credentials intact. Mazzanti has had a powerful impact on the course of photo design in Italy with a series of publications and exhibitions that firmly locate him in the forefront of Italian photography. He has exhibited worldwide including London, China and USA.

As founder of his own studio in 1980, Mazzanti continues to exert his influence, energy and creativity to communicate his own ideas from his place of residence in Pesaro-Urbino Italy.